From Tulips to Roses: Top 5 Picturesque Blooms in Ukraine

If you’ve been up to date with the news over the first few months of 2022, you probably know that the Russian-Ukraine conflict has been a consistent headline, with airstrikes, missiles, and gunfire being exchanged.

Despite the current situation, however, Ukraine remains to be among the most beautiful countries in Europe, thanks to its diverse landscapes and numerous attractions like the Tunnel of Love, botanical gardens, parks, and much more. This is not to forget that it is the second largest country in Europe by area.

The culture here is well-preserved, and the women are as beautiful as the gorgeous blooms that you will come across regularly during your visit in inevitable times of peace. Having said that, below is a brief list of the top 5 picturesque blooms in Ukraine, from daisies to chrysanthemums.

1. Daisies

The wild daisies in Ukraine range from yellow to red. The blossoms range from a few centimeters up to as long as a meter in length, and from one to eight petals in diameter. The wild daisies bloom in autumn and the wildflowers along the roads can make the landscape look as colorful as any early spring.

For the best view, there’s a viewpoint called Perch Hill, which can be found at the meeting point of the Luhanske and Styr River near the city of Kramatorsk.

2. Tulips

When they bloom, these popular blossoms can be seen in abundance in the arboretum of Kropyvnytskyi and the Botanical Garden of Kyiv State University. What’s more, tulips are present throughout the seasons, plus you can also use a tulip delivery service if you need to brighten up your space with a bouquet of these elegant blooms.

These vibrant and color-packed flowers are more popular in spring and summer, with the spring blooms looking showier while the later summer flowers are smaller and more delicate. The KSU Botanical Garden has a tulip garden with thousands of varieties of these flowers, some of which can be found in the residence of the botanist professor Alexei Fedorov. They are quite possibly the largest collection of tulips on the continent.

3. Daffodils

Daffodils are also among the flowers you will regularly spot when visiting Ukrainian places of interest. They are quite popular here, and in fact, in most countries of the former Soviet Union. They can be found all over the country, with the most popular variety of this flower being the Siberian Lily variety.

These blooms are as numerous as daisies and tulips, and can be found in early April and as late as October. The best place you can see daffodils in Ukraine is the Valley of Daffodils in Khust in Zakarpattia Oblast.

4. Roses

Like many other places on our planet, roses also tend to do pretty well in Ukraine. You will come across these picturesque blooms in various regions of the country, including the Odesa Botanical Garden and Kyiv’s National Botanical Garden. Sofiyivsky Park, a beautiful arboretum in Uman, Cherkasy Oblast, has more than 300 varieties of roses; there are even the legendary black (maroon) and blue (rather lilac, because roses don’t have blue pigment).

5. Chrysanthemums

The golden flower (this is how the name “chrysanthemum” is translated from the ancient Greek) blooms in autumn. Large collections can be seen in the “Feldman Ecopark” in Kharkiv and in the Kryvyi Rih Botanical Garden. Also, an exhibition of chrysanthemums is held annually at Spivoche Pole in Kyiv.

Ukraine is a beautiful country to visit or live in. If you’re fond of flowers, there are many places to enjoy them as you take captivating pictures with your favorite blooms in the background. The above are just some of the numerous colorful blooms you will encounter in various regions of Ukraine.