8 Best Places in the Carpathian Mountains to See in Spring

Thinking about spending the spring holidays in the mountains? If so, the Ukrainian Carpathians have some of the most beautiful, pristine landscapes and cozy villages and towns to offer you – all at an affordable cost! While some of the entries on this list are famous for their ski resorts and winter tourism, they all […]
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Refectory Church of Anthony and Theodosius in Kyiv

The Trapezna (Refectory) Church is one of the youngest churches of the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. It was built in the Russian-Byzantine style by the architect Vladimir Nikolaev in 1893-1895. The church was consecrated in honor of Anthony and Theodosius of the Caves – the founders of the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, which is also known as […]

Top 4 Most Instagrammable Locations In Kyiv

Kyiv is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. It is visited by thousands of tourists every year. Most of them want to know which places in the city are worth visiting to make cool and stylish photos or videos for their Instagram posts. And this is not surprising, because today this social network […]
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The Oldest Wooden Church in Lviv Oblast

Potelych is a village with a population of about 800 people located in Lviv Oblast, about 70 km northwest of Lviv, near the border of Ukraine with Poland. The main attraction of this village is the wooden Church of the Holy Spirit (1502) – the oldest surviving wooden church in Lviv Oblast, an outstanding monument […]

Church of the Nativity of Theotokos in Sambir

Sambir is a town with a population of about 35 thousand people located in Lviv Oblast, about 75 km southwest of Lviv. This is one of the tourist centers of the region with a number of architectural monuments. For example, it is worth mentioning the Greek Catholic Church of Theotokos, built in the Baroque style […]

Church of St. Basil in Sil’

Sil’ (literally meaning “salt”) is a village of about 600 people located on the banks of the Uzh River in the very north-west of Zakarpattia Oblast, about 53 km from Uzhhorod. The village was founded at the beginning of the 17th century and was mentioned in written sources under the name Solyanoye Pole (“salt field”). […]

Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Krainykovo

Krainykovo is a village of about 1,500 people located in the southern part of Zakarpattia Oblast, about 124 km southeast of Uzhhorod. Here you can see a very picturesque wooden architectural monument of national importance built in the Gothic style – the Church of St. Michael the Archangel (1666-1668). The height of the church surrounded […]